Best Formal Shoe Brands in India That You Can Go For in 2022

Best Formal Shoe Brands in India That You Can Go For in 2022

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We have always heard that your first impression depends on how well dressed you are, especially when you are attending a formal event like a job interview or an office party. Beginning from your best hairstyle to the best formal shoe you are wearing, everything matters.

A well-dressed person not only shows a good personality but also defines your confidence and attitude. Apart from this, if you are very well dressed then internally also you feel very positive and confident about yourself.

A person is said to be well dressed when not only he wears a perfect pair of clothes, but also when he is well-groomed and wearing proper accessories like a tie and shoes. A tie may not necessarily be a compulsory part of the attire. But not wearing a formal shoe may be one of the worst mistakes you can make while deciding on a good attire for yourself.

Let me explain with an example, suppose you are the human resource manager of a big multinational company and you have organized an interview. Now, two candidates come in having the same qualifications, knowledge, and experience.

But one is very well dressed, wearing properly ironed clothes, a good pair of formal shoes, a tie and has a good hairstyle while the other one is wearing a wrinkled dress, unpolished shoes, and is not so well-groomed.

Whom will you hire? The first candidate. Here is the point of how your dressing sense defines your personality.

Wearing the right kind of accessories with your clothes also becomes a very important part of your attire. The two most important accessories include a watch which tells about the importance of time in your schedule.

And the other one is a properly polished pair of shoes, as shoes are the symbol of your personality. According to a study, a person can predict ninety per cent of your personality just by looking at your shoes.

Thus, wearing the right shoe becomes very important. Especially if you are someone who has to face a lot of formal events in your day to day life. But, how to find a perfect formal shoe for yourself? Don’t worry further in this blog we have discussed all things you should look at before buying a perfect shoe and the top 10 best formal shoe brands available in India which you can consider.

Things you should consider when buying a shoe

There are many factors that people do not consider while buying a shoe. As a result, after a few days, they do not feel comfortable and thus you don’t wear it again. If you want to buy a perfect pair of shoes for the long term you should keep in mind the following points.

Perfect Fit:

Many people do the mistake of buying a shoe that does not fit them properly. Most women end up buying a tighter show and men end up buying a loose shoe. The shoe that you buy should be perfect in fitting.

Try both shoes:

Whenever we buy a shoe we just try it on our one foot to see if it is the perfect fit and most of the time we end up buying a tight or a loose shoe. You should always try the shoes on your both feet as your both feet might not be the same.


Whenever you buy a shoe pay close attention to the sole of the shoe, there are two things which you should consider, first, the sole should be flexible enough to bend properly without providing any discomfort. Second if the sole bends properly then it should not leave any permanent fold marks on the shoe.


You should observe the leather properly when you are buying a shoe. Most of the time the leather that the companies use is mixed with synthetic fiber which is responsible for causing you discomfort. It can also degrade the quality of the shoe within a few days or months. Pure leather shoes are the best. You should always consider buying a pure leather shoe.


Last but not the least, Consider buying your perfect pair of shoes from a good manufacturer. A good manufacturer with a good brand name can help you with a great pair of shoes. Further in the article, we have discussed the 10 best shoe manufacturers in India that would never disappoint you with their quality of shoes.

Best Shoe Brands In India



Bata is one of the oldest and the most reputed show companies not only in India but also worldwide. It was founded in the year 1894. It has branches in more than 70 countries. Bata is one of the most trusted brands in India. Bata incorporated in India 90 years ago and since then has been trusting of the Indians when it comes to buying a shoe or any footwear for both men and women.

Whenever you buy anything related to fashion there are two basic things which one considers, first is the price and other is the designs and variety. Bata, in India, stands on both the factors perfectly. Bata is still one of the most favorite options for school shoes in India.

Why should you buy a bata?

If you are looking for the best varieties of shoes at affordable prices then you can consider bata as one of the best options. It has a wide variety of shoes ranging from as low as rupees 700. One best thing is that you might have a bata showroom in your city, also you can buy it online from any popular eCommerce website.

Red Tape


Red Tape is a brand of Mirza International Limited. The company was officially formed to provide the best quality leather products in the overseas market. Slowly and gradually as the company started achieving its objective it launched its brand under the brand name “ Red Tape “.

The company is very famous for its latest designs and good price range. The companies have sales from many big countries including The United States of America, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, West Asia, and South Africa.

Why should you buy red tape products?

Redtape tape has a wide range of not only formal shoes but also different fashion-related products. Red tape can satisfy you by providing the latest and trendy designs at a very reasonable price. Red tape is very famous for its quality products. Thus you can rely on quality without worrying. Also, you have the facility to buy a red tape product both offline and online.


SeeandWear is one of the very famous emerging companies in both national and international markets. They not only have a wide range of formal shoes but also if you are looking for other accessories whether for men or women this can be the perfect brand for you.

Talking about the formal shoes, The perfect fit, cushion insole, and pure leather are all the features that you look for in a shoe you can get here. The best thing which you can notice is that you can get a six-month warranty on these products.

Why should you buy from SeeandWear?

SeeandWear is one of the best options in the market available to buy trendy and latest fashion accessories without compromising with your budget. The only limitation with this brand is that you can only purchase the products online.

The company promises on-time delivery of its products and can help you timely with any issues if you face your order which is very helpful on behalf of the company as this can give you a superior buying experience.

The Royale Peacock


If you love to have a collection of shoes, then this brand is definitely for you or if you are someone who has to attend high-class formal events then this might be the perfect brand you are looking for.

The most unique feature that you will notice in The Royale Peacock is that they provide you with handcrafted shoes. The company is famous for its handmade leather shoes. However, you may feel this brand is a little expensive but the price says it all.

Why should you go to The Royal Peacock?

If you are a fan of handmade leather products or you are looking for a customized pair of shoes, then you will love this brand. Their wide range of products is very impressive. They offer you all varieties of leather shoes and boots. They do not have an offline store, but you can purchase a royal peacock product from any of the top eCommerce operators in India.

Alberto Torresi

If you are a fan of the latest trends and the new designs you might like this brand. Alberto Torresi is famous for its great designs and a variety of shoes. They precisely focus on the design and shape so that it does not cause any discomfort to the person wearing it, as any little variation in any part of the show may easily cause ankle pain or any other type of pain.

Not just formal shoes but they also have a very wide range of different types of footwear like Boat shoes, boots, brogues, derby, espadrilles, fly knit, and various others.

One unique thing you will like about this brand is that they can help you with plus size shoes. The company makes these shoes only as per the order, thus you have to pre-order. If you are someone who is looking for quality plus size shoes then you must try Alberto Torresi.

Many of you may find this brand a little expensive but it is a fact that their quality would never disappoint you.

Brune & Bareskin


If you are a fan of the renowned Indian cricketer Harbhajan Singh, then you might know this brand as he is the brand ambassador of this brand. It was started as an online brand but recently the company is also entering the offline market.

The inauguration of the first store was done by the owner and the very famous Harbhajan Singh. Voganow not only deals in formal shoes but you can also get any type of pure leather accessories you want for your iPad or your bag.

Why should you buy from Voganow?

If you are a fan of pure leather products then you must try this brand. If you live in Punjab or anywhere near Punjab then you can as well have the opportunity to physically visit the store and select the best pair of formal shoes or any other accessories for yourself. But if you live anywhere in the world then also you can order one for yourself from the company’s website.

Hush Puppies


Hush Puppies is one of the well-known brands in the footwear industry is a division of the wolverine worldwide and is based in Michigan. It has been a leading brand since the year 1958.

The company has a huge market in more than 165 countries in the world. They also have offline stores in various parts of India which means you can have a very good shopping experience with them both offline and online.

Why should you buy from Hush Puppies?

Hush puppies offer everything that an Indian looks for a good shopping experience. You get free shipping and cash on delivery if you buy from their website. Also, Hush puppies a wide range of products with a warranty.



Clarks is one of the oldest shoe manufacturers in the world. They are in the business for more than 19 decades now. They also have the biggest collection of different varieties of shoes. Their collection is as big as twenty-two thousand different patterns.

Their best-known product is their desert shoe. They not only have a good range of formal wears but also school shoes. Sandals, Wallabee, desert shoe, and desert trek. Starting from slippers made out of sheepskin in 1985, they have reached so far.

They do not have any offline stores in India but you can try their best collections from any of the biggest e-commerce operators in India.

Pelle Santino


Pelle Santino also follows the no middlemen strategy which helps them reduce the price by a good amount. Every product is one hundred percent handcrafted. Their wide range of products is truly amazing. They not only deal with formal shoes but also have a great range of fashion accessories.

If you are a fan of premium high quality then you will fall in love with the brand. They have a store located in Haryana, however, you can order one for yourself through online modes either from their website or any biggest eCommerce operator available.


Talking about the shoe, they form a very important part of your clothing. Many people tend to notice the first thing about you is your shoe. Thus you should go for the best one available out there. You may select any of the above-mentioned brands as these are some of the top brands available in the country.

Starting from handcrafted shoes to your own designed shoe you can get everything with these brands. From a simple pair of shoes to a premium pair of shoes these brands would never disappoint you. every brand listed here has an online presence, however, you may not find an offline market for some of these stores.

Talking about personal favorites, I would love to go with the Royal Peacock and design myself the best unique shoe. On my second and third preference, I would love to try Hush Puppies and Bata as they have one of the largest varieties of shoes available at the best prices.


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