Introduction to Fashion and lifestyle. A Detail Walkaround about fashion & lifestyle

Introduction to Fashion and lifestyle. A Detail Walkaround about fashion & lifestyle

This is a blog article about Introduction to Fashion and lifestyle, in which you will learn many things about fashion and lifestyle.

Fashion and lifestyle have been a great resource for human beings when they start to evolve fashion and lifestyle have been a great medium by which people can express their taste of standard of life and represent their thoughts.

In short, fashion is a WAY OF EXPRESSING OUR Individual self.

This article provides well-versed information about Introduction to basics of Fashion and lifestyle along with the importance of fashion and lifestyle in our daily routine.

Read about different categories in fashion and lifestyle in this blog.

Basics of fashion and lifestyle are very simple and easy to implement in day to day life to add colors in our boring life along with that fashion and lifestyle are very important for us in society in which we live.

Introduction to Fashion and lifestyle. dressing style in 2020 - Modern fashion and lifestyle

This article provides information of Introduction to Fashion and lifestyle

No one wants to give respect to a person who is wearing bigger clothes that size but everyone will respect a WELL GROOMED PERSON.


People give us importance according to the basis of our wearing and clothing choices, because we make friends and get associated with people who have a good lifestyle because of a good lifestyle REFLECT from u and our belongings.

Story Time

Since the evolution of Early ages, the early man or we can say prehistoric human creatures learned how to cover themselves by GREEN LEAVES or TREE LEAVES,

Soon they evolved to TIGER SKIN or SNAKESKIN for their body which provides heat and extra design due to tiger skin.

How fashion and lifestyle evolved from old days to modern era

Even though they also evolved according to time and their understanding, from wearing banana leaves to evolving into formal suits, fashion has changed in many aspects.

How lifestyle has evolved 

Since the early ages, people have been adopting the changes in their lifestyle due to many changes such as climate, environment and mental health.

Fashion provides humans the sense of expressing themselves and lifestyle is a way the people live. So in simple words Fashion and Lifestyle is a way along with that it’s an essence of life.

Introduction to Fashion and lifestyle

At an early age or prehistoric man used to wear TREES LEAVES and sooner they adopted TIGER SKIN due to various benefits of skin because it provided heat and along many other benefits.

How lifestyle has improved us 

Fashion and Lifestyle has improved us in many ways as like –

  • Improved standard of living.
  • A better sense of fashion.
  • Different clothing types.
  • Introduced to more clothing material.
  • New people, new designers, new creative people into the industry.

basics of Fashion and lifestyle. Fashion in Old days

People tend to spend more in metro cities in purchasing branded clothes because it adds a sense of accomplishment into their senses.

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Fashion Brands target youth who have great earning capabilities who can earn money and can spend on their lifestyle.

Importance of lifestyle into our daily life and impact on society 

We earn respect on the basis of our lifestyle and fashion sense. Let’s assume there are 2 people having different fashion sense like –

  • Well Groomed.
  • Shaggy clothes.

Who will get respect? Of course, then a person who is well-groomed. No one will give respect to people who are NOT WELL GROOMED, as being in WELL GROOMED STATE to gain respect.

Clothes and quality of lifestyle ads respect us In the society.

What fashion and lifestyle provides us society?

Fashion provide us many things such as –

  • Sense of pride
  • Managing responsibility
  • Sense of awareness
  • Respect, status
  • Mental peace.

People start and tend to recognize us on the basis of our lifestyle and fashion sense. Fashion sense tends to be the main factor behind our personality traits.

Examples – How common things became fashion trend today

  1. Jeans – At the early time people used to work in mines and Jeans was invented for them as they wanted something rough and Tough to wear and work on.
  2. Fur Coats – Originally coats were made to wear but in addition to that Fur coats were made in order to make the product warmer and also cater to the choice of people.
  3. Increase in Online brand along with Brand promoting fashion and lifestyle targeting young people of India.

Examples – Know more about common things became fashion trend today –

  1. Introducing a new clothing line and along with different fashion products which are part of our day-to-day lifestyle products.
  2. Increasing fashion and lifestyle influencers to bring new trends along with promoting the clothing line of companies and brands in the country.
  3. Marketing and selling products using social media along with a Facebook marketplace to bring more and more new customers to promote existing brands.

Tables – providing Data related to fashion brands and their online statistics according to socialbaker.

Brand nameFacebook LikesInstagram FollowersTwitter Likes
Louis Vuitton23 598 147N/AN/A
DIOR16 980 76030.7M8.1M
Chalany High Heels14 778 115N/A2374
Pit Bull Jeans12 004 905N/A28.7K
Mango11 266 304N/A782.6K
Fastrack8 982 239N/AN/A
BOSS8 402 193692K120K
ROLEX7 284 536107.4M450.4K
PRADA6 810 41023.4M1.1M
Amore Clothing6 486 004160,145175,486

Data of Indian fashion & lifestyle brands along with their social media followers and like

See how the fashion brands have a huge following and customer base on their social media channel only.

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By this, we can assume the impact of the brand on the Youth and the people in the fashion industry.

Social media or social selling Is the new way of providing different fashion accessories, brands, and new clothing styles to the youth.

What is Fashion and Lifestyle Marketing?

The majority of the people are on social media these days and it’s easy to showcase a fashion brand to them by making them target by online ads or by getting leads from social media.


So, in the end, I will like to say that fashion and lifestyle is a way to improve life and get things going.

The world and society where we live follow a particular way of fashion and level up their lifestyle along with respect in society.

Fashion and lifestyle make us confident and follow what’s going on in the world.


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