Skincare tips for healthy skin in summer

Skincare tips for healthy skin in summer

Hot summer days call for shorts and skirts, cold drinks, pool parties, and bright colors. But oppressive heat can wreak havoc on your beauty by altering your skin and makeup. Rising temperatures during the summer months, combined with humidity and heat, can increase the activity of the sebaceous glands. This makes oily skin oilier and dry skin looks rough and uneven. The intensity of the sun’s rays also causes tanning by producing more melanin pigment. While everyone knows that more melanin means darker skin, few associate sunburned skins with ageing. Heat can also open up more pores, which can become clogged with dirt and oil, trapping bacteria and causing acne, pimples, and blemishes on your face.

Don’t let the hot weather spoil your enjoyment. Here are some summer beauty tips for the summer season that will help you get through the hot days and ensure that you always look your best, no matter what. Scroll down for some summer face tips!

1. Change your face wash

As you move from winter to summer, you need to remember that your facial cleanser needs to change. While in winter a nourishing face wash is enough, in summer you will need a face wash that can remove excess oil from your skin. If you have dry skin, consider using a non-foaming cleanser. It would also be ideal for combination skin. Wash your face several times throughout the day to keep your skin clean and fresh.

2. Hydrate your skin

Remember that summer is when your skin needs moisture as well as hydration. Invest in a good moisturising mask that you use a few times a week. First wash your face and apply the mask as directed at night to repair, rehydrate and soothe your skin. A mask can treat specific skin conditions such as dryness, acne, oiliness, etc. Choose the right mask and take those extra 10 minutes to remove stress, fatigue and blemishes from your skin.

3. Exfoliate your body

The basic rule of thumb for basic skincare is to exfoliate the skin. Your body is shedding skin cells at an incredible rate every minute of every day. If you don’t get rid of them, they’ll just sit on your skin, leaving you looking dull and dry. No matter how much lotion you use, you’ll never have glowing skin if you don’t exfoliate. Gently rub your scrub in circular motions all over your body and rinse well. Keep doing it 2-3 times a week for beautiful skin.

4. Sunscreen is mandatory

Woman hand apply sunscreen on the beach

Sunscreens aren’t meant to last forever, and most people don’t use as many as they should. Buy a new sunscreen that contains both UVA and UVB products and has an SPF of 30 to 50. You should use a full shot glass for the body and a full teaspoon just for the face. Reapply every 1-2 hours you’re in the sun to ensure a fun-filled summer in the sun.

6. Opt for minimal makeup

Wear minimal facial makeup to allow the skin to breathe better. Humidity and heat suppress the skin’s ability to breathe and stress it. Avoid anything that is heavy on the face. Use a tinted moisturiser, tinted lip balm and organic kajal in the summer to give your skin a break.

7. Use a refreshing toner

Using a good toner can help you close open pores. This is essential in the summer to prevent oil buildup in open pores. The T-zone of the face has the highest concentration of sebaceous glands and tends to be smoother during the summer months. Pay attention to this area while toning your face. Use light and refreshing toner.

8. Always say yes to water

At least 8 glasses of water are needed. If possible, take a bottle of water with you and remember to drink at least once every 30 minutes. Water not only helps you feel refreshed, it also prevents dehydration and helps flush out many toxins.

9. Hydration is essential

A moisturiser is essential to protect your skin in the summer. You can choose a non-greasy formula depending on your skin type. But look for ingredients like antioxidants like vitamins A and C. If it has SPF, the better. It is best to apply moisturiser immediately after bathing.

10. Take special care of the eye area

When choosing moisturisers and toners for your face, remember that the skin around your eyes is much thinner and more delicate than the rest of your face. Choose a good under-eye gel that contains hyaluronic acid, cucumber or even honey. These ingredients keep the skin around the eyes hydrated and prevent the formation of wrinkles.

11. Don’t forget to take care of your feet

Do not forget that your feet carry you all day and also need care. Regularly exfoliate the skin on your feet. Use moisturiser and sunscreen on your feet if you plan to wear open shoes.

12. Remember the value of natural remedies

Exclusive skincare products on the market work well for many people. But it’s worth remembering that your own kitchen could be a storehouse of the best facial cleansers, toners, and moisturisers. Common kitchen ingredients are the best home remedies in the summer. You will find that oatmeal, coffee grounds, grated cucumber, plain yogurt and sea salt can all be used as skincare products in the summer.

In summer, always carry a refreshing dew with you. Spray it on every few hours to keep your skin fresh and hydrated. Spraying it on your face in the scorching heat will give you and your skin great relief. Also, don’t forget to shower with cold water during the summer. This will prevent excessive dryness and itchiness of the skin.


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