The Incredible Power Of Friendship

The Incredible Power Of Friendship

Think about it. Pending on who we are, where we live, and what we do, hundreds of thousands of people will cross our path during our lifetime. Most of them will be strangers, those unknown faces we see sitting on the subway, walking down the street, or standing in line at the grocery store. Some of them are acquaintances or people who we slightly know from school, work, church, or other such settings. A select few of them are family who were inherited through marriage or bloodline and, finally, friends who we deem as being important enough to keep in our lives.

So, among the 7 billion people on earth, what is it that makes our friends so significant? Why do we treasure them and what do they do to add value to our lives?

What source of power comes from friendship?


Have you ever met up with a group of friends for lunch, to attend a concert, or to go to the movies? In addition to feeling happy to see them, most likely the jokes start to fly, and everyone gets lost in the laughter of fun. Friends can act as a catalyst to help us leave our problems behind even for the brief time that we are with them.

Personal Growth:  

It is all too easy to get locked into the comforts of a daily routine. With a little bit of motivation from our friends, we are much more likely to consider doing new and different activities such as learning a sport, taking a foreign language, playing an instrument, or simply traveling to an unknown country.  Friends serve as an essential source for our personal development and growth by prompting us to expand what we do. Not only do they make amazing recommendations, but they often tag along to join in the adventure.


The key to good health and well-being starts with our ability to manage our mind, body, and spirit. Fortunately, we aren’t alone in our efforts. There is no better way to ensure our success than to partner up with our friends to stay fit, eat well, and stay mentally strong. Our friends can be our exercise buddies, go on diets with us, keep us updated on the latest health trends, and serve as a coach when we get off track. Research shows that having friends adds to our longevity and quality of living.


Given the challenges that confront us in life, there is no wonder we get down and out from time to time.  With the special bond that comes from friendship, we have immediate access to people who care and will talk us through our woes. Friends supply us with those feel-good words of encouragement to build up our self-esteem and to tackle today’s sorrows with a sense of confidence and purpose.


Having a diverse selection of friends opens our minds up to different thoughts and ways of viewing issues. Friends can help us go beyond ourselves and to start investigating different standpoints. When we seek advice from our friends, they often pull us out of our narrow focus and provide us with a litany of unique solutions to difficult encounters.


According to the latest research, a growing number of American adults face the perils of social isolation. A staggering 25% or more of these individuals lack comradeship and emotional support in their lives.  As a result, they experience increasingly greater levels of anxiety, depression, addiction, and brain and cardiovascular aging. Absent a family connection, friends play a vital role in reversing this trend and promoting healthy living through human connection and caregiving.


Friends can serve as our own personal concierge to a wealth of resources. With a keen understanding of our likes and dislikes, they inevitably come up with exceptional recommendations for restaurants, books, movies, and television programs. They can refer us to a good doctor, lawyer, financial advisor, handyman, or whatever the need might be. Friends are a natural conduit to endless possibilities that can enhance our quality of life.


Occasionally, the terms “friends” and “family” are used interchangeably. When we share a loving or spiritual connection with a friend, we may affectionately refer to him or her as family or a family member as our “best friend.”  However, unlike family, friends are of our choosing. Without a doubt, we will gain a profound sense of fulfillment, joy, and belonging when we welcome true friends into our heart and soul.

On a side note…don’t kid yourself, true friends are hard to come by. With any luck, you will maintain a few lifelong friends while making new ones along the way. So, be receptive. Cherish your friends and rejoice in the power their friendship offers you.

True friends are like diamonds – bright, beautiful, valuable, and always in style.


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