Top 4 Gripping Workouts to Improve Your Grappling Skills

Top 4 Gripping Workouts to Improve Your Grappling Skills

As a Brazilian jiu-jitsu professional you need to have full body control. This means that not only do you need to focus on the way you acquire dominance but you also need full-body control to convert your submission back into dominance. If we look at BJJ we will see that it is the only combat style that requires you to have a firm grip so that you can use chokes and holds to acquire submission from your opponent. Now imagine you are trying to grip your opponent but your grip is too weak that your opponent slips through. However, if you work on your grip but you do not practice control there is a high chance that you use an extra hard grip and end up yanking your opponent closer. Eventually, this can harm your opponent. To find the actual balance and endure that you are not using more power than required, you have to start by practicing your grip.

There are so many ways you can practice your grip because gripping things is the first and most important skill that you learn as a child. If you are not able to grip things properly, it is a visible sign that maybe you are not healthy or you have some issue with your nervous system. Our simple daily tasks require us to practice gripping techniques especially if we are trying open and close things. From holding the key to rotating it with enough power to open and then gripping the knob for rotation, everything requires you to have enough power and skill that you do not end up breaking anything.

With the help of this article, we will look at some of the simple exercises that can help you improve your grip. We will also look at some of the functional ways you use grip so you can test your gripping skills for further improvement.

How to Improve Your Grip?

For a firm grip, you need to use your palm to get closer to the object and then curl your digits around the object for a firm grasp. This is one of the main skills that a child learns and parents try to assess the well-being and effective work of the nervous system through the grip. However, as a BJJ fighter, your grip needs to be much more controlled as compared to the grip of a child. You need to know how to firmly grip something without yanking it or closing your digits very hard.

Ball Gripping

This is a very simple yet functional exercise for a better grip. You have to start by placing the ball on a smooth surface and then put your palm on the ball. Now, use the fingers and curl them around. Now as you have to ball in your grip, squeeze it and see the impact of each squeeze on the ball. After three squeezes let it go and repeat it.

Resistance Band Grip

A resistance band is the closest thing you will have to a cloth. When you are on the mat, usually your opponent will be wearing a GI so you need to practice how you can have a better grip over the GI. For this, tuck your resistance band somewhere and then firmly grip the corners. Now, solely bring the corners closer and yank it. As the resistance band stretches you will be able to practice your grip even more.

Rope Gripping 

Rope gripping is another very good exercise that you can try. For rope gripping, tuck your rope somewhere on the ceiling height. Now hold the dangling part of the rope and bring it closer to your palm. As your firm your grip, try to use the rope to balance the weight. Now that you will try to hold your weight just with the rope, you will be able to assess how much power you will need to hold your opponent and yank him closer. The idea is to assess the weight and see if you will be able to hold a person closer just by using the weight and a grip.

Hand Massage Exercise

Hand massage is very important for the grip because it helps you strengthen the fingers and improve the blood flow to the palm and fingers. You can use any oil and rub it between your fingers up and down your palm. For a firm grip, try to put pressure between each finger and lightly rub it.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, it all comes down to the way you find the right balance. Although in BJJ your grip should be firm but harsh grips can result in bad injuries. Since you might not be wearing any protective glove on your hand, any lousy grip followed by hard yanking can cause extreme brazen friction. To avoid this, use your digits for the grip while you maintain a good distance between you and your opponent. Most people get very close to their opponent so there is no time left when they move away, but when you master a good grip, you will be able to do so even from a good distance.


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